Monday, April 1, 2013

Hanging out and Shooting in Seattle...

I was born on the Long Island outskirts of the Big Apple, hung around Los Angles, found the corner of Haight and Ashberry in Frisco. Turned 18 in jail in Dallas, cruised Portland (as in Oregon), checked out Denver, Chicago, and a few other cities. Not a bad itinerary for a 'country boy', but I really like Seattle. The northern, marine clime, the proximity of the mountains, both Cascade and Olympic ranges, and the people. Seattle is an eclectic blend of old wool sweater fishermen families, to fading hip rockers, tons of pulsing energy from university students intermixed with a strong cross-cultural current of Indigenous Natives, Asian, Hispanic, and many other ethinic origins. There still a strong contingent of the LL Bean crowd, although here it is a dispersed following of Jim Whittaker and the R.E.I. movement. Plenty of red-necks to fill a suped-up monster truck ralley and a number of military bases to keep an active wave of furlough soldiers, sailors, and air-force recruits moving through the area. It's gay, it's straight, it's hip, it's old fashioned, it's Seattle.

Enjoyed capturing this image of two of the Northwest's icons: a section of the Pike Place Market and one of the Washington State Ferries heading on a crossing to Bainbridge Island.
Inside Pike Places Market, Seattle                                                                                          photographer - J. Foster Fanning

* * *
Here is an image I caught through a pilothouse portal of the Schooner ZODIAC looking aft onto her starboard deck. The ZODIAC is 160 feet long, 26 feet beam, displacing 145 tons and was launched in 1924. The vessel is currently used for charter, research and education.
The historic schooner ZODIAC, seen through her pilothouse portal                                        photographer J. Foster Fanning
* * *
While on the Elliott Bay waterfront I caught this image of the Washington State ferry during transit to Bainbridge Island during a rich sunset over the Olympic Mountains. And the gull? Lucked out: right place, right time.
Washington State ferry in transit off Elliott Bay waterfront                                               photographer J. Foster Fanning

* * *

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