Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Sessions 2010: LANDSCAPES

Photograph  #1 - TWILIGHT MOON OVER LAKE is one of my rendered images capturing a unique interplay of landscape, sky, light and mood. This scene is representative of those special moments where I feel compelled to go into slow motion and contemplate the composition surrounding me.

Image #2 KETTLE RIVER RANGE EVENING: There is a continuous and transient relationship between the atmosphere and a mountain range. Here we have a hot summers day turning to an evening of developing thunder cells from the hot air lifting off the earth. As darkness falls bolts of lightning will light up the night sky

Photo-image #3 MUD LAKE, Ferry County is another area where the intermix of sky & mountains is reflected in the waters of this small mountain lake. This spot is also good for the abundant bird life on the lake and surrounding reeds and marsh lands.


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