Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Series 1st Photographic Post

Time passes to quickly during the temperate, north summer. Thankfully we have long twilit days, stretching until late in the evening. Here are a few images I recently captured during those twilight hours between hot summer days and short, dark nights...

Kettle River Range on a pre-dawn summer's morning, smoked in from a Canadian wildfire. That mystical time between the dark of the short northern night and the coming of dawn.
Bald eagle fishing in the late moments of the fading afternoon sun. A gravel bar on the Kettle River forms the backdrop of this majestic bird. My riverhome is fortunate to have the company of eagles all year long.
"Kettle River - Upstream Curlew" is the title for this the third and last of this brief series. That beautiful, late summer twilight is descending in the wake of a hot day. The coolness of the river is inviting not only to humans but whitetail deer wade the shallows occasionally wading or swimming across the stream. Nighthawks appear in the hundreds swooping in pursuit of evening insects. Tis a fine time of day to watch the river flow by.
Hope you are enjoying your summer time...

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