Thursday, March 19, 2009


In this series the focus will be images of winter, and most pictorially, the departing of winter from the northern climes.
In the image #1; entitled "Icy Reflections" we see the remnants of winter's ice vanishing off the surface of the river as the promise of spring comes to the neighboring cottonwoods.
Photo #2; "Cliffs of Winter" gives a glimpse at the last vestige of snow & ice laden, north facing, cliff face. The orange is lichen & the green a dormant moss awaiting a springs warmth.
"Fresh Powder", a skiers delight is the title of image #3. In the northern spring one can still find good skiing deep in the mountains. There's little other experiences in this world to compare with leaving 1st tracks in untouched powder snow.
And speaking of the high country, this photograph, #4 is "Dance of the Snow People". Captured it while skiing 'off piste' at Big White in B.C. Canada.
Image #5 "Snowshoes", just before break-up, when the ice is quite thick over the slow, shallows of the river, a sunny afternoon of snowshoeing is very enjoyable.

These "Horses Running in Snow", photograph #6, can anxiously smell the transitions of the seasons. Soon the meadows will sprout fresh & green...
I'll close with this rendered photograph, #7 titled "Snow Leaving the Highlands". The starkness of this image with snow melt on the southern exposures, while still deep & wet to the north of the ridges, enhanced by the rendering lend strength to this image that I really enjoy. I hope you do to...