Friday, March 13, 2009


(This series is still under construction)
Like many other folks I've had a long standing fascination with old homesteads. Living as I do in the Okanogan Highlands provides ample opportunity to explore by-gone cabins, barns and an assorement of other relics. Here is a series of photographs and images from my "Old Homestead" collection. Hope you enjoy...
Foster Fanning
Starting with image #1 & 2 - "Highlands Cabin" & Highlands Window" this old homestead is located in the Okanogan Highlands between the very small towns or more appropriately 'communites' of Havillha, Chesaw & Molson. This homestead is located on a small mountain top at the end of a rough roadway. I really enjoy how nature is reclaiming the site.

Photograph #3, above, is simply titled "Homestead". Located on the western slope of Boundary Mountain near the U.S. / Canadian border close to Danville (U.S.) and Grand Forks (B.C.) the occupants of this cabin had quite the vista from their front doorstep.

I've rendered image #4 below in a manner representative of an artistic use of color pencils. A combination of line drawing, color gradiants and use of shadow to gain perspective and enhance composition.

"Tall Barn" - photo #5 above, is in a well lit, pastoral setting. You can feel the height of the northern summer. The air is warm and full, with the calling of meadow larks, chickadees & nuthatches.

Photograph #6 "The Old School" below, is a rendered image with the texture and visual feel of an oil painting. There is a certain muted mood in this process that fits with the panoramic view, full cloud sky, and distant mountain ridge.
There are more to old homesteads than the fading barn boards of sheds and cabins. These old trucks once saw service as mechanical horses of their time. They too are now falling under mother nature's spell and sinking into the foliage & landscape. Images #8 & 9 "Old Winter Truck" & "Relic"...


  1. This is a beautiful set! I live in Indiana and we have alot of old barns and farms around here to. I have always wanted to do a photo study of them. I applaud your work. I can't wait to see more!

  2. I really like this post.
    Nice work!!!!